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These are the people that make the magic happen

Rhys Marc Photis


Rhys wrote the book because he fears that, with the speed at which we are destroying our habitat, we are quickly running ourselves into a very unpleasant, intractable situation. Mother Earth will prevail and some of us will live on, but a Mad Max scenario is not what Rhys has in mind for his teenage daughter. His mission is to spread the knowledge and foster further development of Clare W. Graves’s work, a key to getting us out of this chaos of our own making.

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Kerstin van Eckert


Kerstin got involved in the book because she wants to live in a Turquoise world and believes that, by spreading the word about a possible pathway, more people will want to join in and start the journey. She accompanied Rhys on his mission from budding idea to published book. This included endless brainstorming sessions, review cycles, long philosophical walks, challenging discussions, insights into mind-blowing concepts, scientific discoveries, setbacks and successes. In short, an emotional rollercoaster and wonderful learning experience.

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Valentina Barbacci


Valentina jumped at the chance to help bring this book to life, because it represents everything she has built the last 20 years of her life and career on: marrying her personal passion to resolve social and environmental issues with her business acumen to develop practical, efficient and sustainable solutions. Her mission is to promote ways of living that benefit all life on Earth — people, animals and plants — and to shift the mindsets of people who are both knowingly and unknowingly destroying this planet for short-term personal gain.

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Séverine Seales


Séverine didn’t think twice about getting involved with the book because she believes in the power of story-telling, and this story is about every and any human out there. Whilst there are examples of great applications of Graves’s work, bringing the levels to life through a story is a first. This medium allows readers to truly appreciate the message as they travel along the Turquoise Brick Road – they will recognise their own journey thus far and imagine the road ahead.

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Craig Cornock


Craig designed the book because it’s always a bonus for a designer to work on a project that they believe can make a difference to our lives. He first met Rhys and Kerstin at their mutual friend Jon’s birthday party in Primrose Hill, London. Jon mentioned that Rhys was writing a book and needed a designer who understood their vision. Craig was impressed by their enthusiasm and passion and the rest, as they say, is history…

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Nabil Said


Nabil got involved in the project because if there is one thing he’s passionate about after music, it is tech, including computer tech, website design and troubleshooting. Nabil has been up and down the spiral a bit more than he expected in his life. It has been a colourful roller coaster so far, but he is happy to know it will all make sense in the end

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Chocolate got involved in the book because she is part of the pack. Her role is to keep the author sane and provide the right amount of distraction. She also ensured the fair representation of wonderful dogs in the book and there is a cat too!.

Chocolate is an introvert and rather laid-back. She likes cuddles but only on her terms. As a mongrel (or cross-breed as they are referred to in today’s world), she combines various valuable skills and character traits. She is attentive, a great listener and known for her deep growl – just ask the postman! 

Chocolate is passionate about raw food and long outdoor adventures. She is an advocate for regeneration, tree protection and clean water. To her, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road entails the appreciation for the mainly purple bricks in it.

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