A bilingual German-English Cypriot, Rhys has lived in ten countries and loves the multicultural dynamic of his birthplace and current home in Camden, London. Influenced by entrepreneurial family members, he understood early on that having lots of money comes at a cost (pun intended) and how it feels to lose it all at once. Rhys used to start and scale companies in emerging markets but soon reverted to more purposeful work. Nowadays, he offers his services as a thought-provoking speaker, MC, coach, facilitator and advisor. He uses the Graves framework to help individuals and organisations develop more self-awareness and identify a clear path to success. To him, business is all about people and it takes multiple techniques to enable them and organisations to change for the better. Rhys believes that workplaces should be both challenging and fulfilling to encourage individual and collective growth.

Rhys has a bit of a marmite effect on people… He is a strong advocate of continuous improvement, which he sees as a generally uncomfortable, but vital part of life. He challenges himself and others too much at times, and is known for looking rather serious when he’s thinking, but he means well. After all, he is just a man.

Rhys is passionate about nature, organic ingredients and cooking fresh food. In his world, the seasons determine the menu. He loves trees, dogs, horses and all of nature’s diverse riches. He is critical of the wasteful world we have created and wants to initiate a return to a simpler, healthier way of life. To him, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road entails a positive contribution to evolution by enabling humankind to live up to its potential and purpos

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