Kerstin is a multilingual mediator, coach and facilitator. After a typical career in various industries, living and working in six different countries, she now focuses on supporting SMEs to become more sustainable and grow healthily. She specialises on culture and organisational development, using permaculture principles, circular economy tools and the Graves Value System for designing healthy, inclusive and successful businesses. Kerstin also acts as a BLeader – an ambassador and consultant for the BCorp movement – and facilitator with social enterprise She Leads Change. She runs the latter’s flagship programme “Leading from Within” and co-created their “Leading for Collective Impact” programme. Kerstin’s aim is to increase our awareness and expand our consciousness to live more creative, inspired and balanced lives. Additionally, she founded Amaroq Organic, a sustainable pet food business, with the aim of bridging regenerative agriculture, animal welfare and climate change.


Kerstin is kind and can have a calming effect on people, but also quite the opposite. She is a good listener and people love telling her their stories. When she gets impatient (which happens quite quickly if people violate her core values), it is best to let her venture off on a long walk with her dog.

Kerstin is passionate about people and our planet, and believes that everyone and everything is interconnected. She loves all of nature’s creations – yes, even spiders and creepy crawlies – and feels we have a short window of opportunity to turn around the climate emergency and avert the destruction of Mother Earth. She is an advocate for collaboration and community-building to create a better world for future generations. To her, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road entails getting involved in regenerating land and the bond that keeps us all together.

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