Born and bred within a mix of cultures and languages, Séverine has always sought variety throughout her life. This has included using or playing with eight languages, practising yoga and capoeira, dancing and horse riding, baking and meditating, moving home (12 times so far) and engaging with an eclectic circle of friends. Séverine has enjoyed a varied career, from supporting Erasmus students at university through to teaching French and German in a secondary school, assisting CEOs in various third sector SMEs and the NHS, teaching ESOL in further education, advising the public and training volunteers within a Citizens Advice Bureau. She currently offers linguistic and administrative services in a freelance capacity.


Known for her kindness, warmth, dry sense of humour, and for keeping a cool head in a crisis, Séverine lives for service and social justice. Her values of integrity, compassion and courage guide her life choices. She meets life’s creatures and experiences with a smile and an open heart.


Séverine‘s passion for and fascination with diversity in all its forms developed very early on. As did the ability to accept, value, and sometimes seek difference around her, recognising the great potential for learning within that exposure. She loves life within and around her, and seizes every opportunity to connect with it. To her, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road is a fun route to self-realisation.

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