Craig grew up in Malaysia and Singapore until the age of seven, his family then travelled back to the UK due to his father’s job. When his parents went back to Singapore three years later, Craig remained in the UK so he could have a stable education. Craig’s interests lay in the sciences but it became apparent that he had a talent for art. One of his teachers urged him to take art as an extra subject and he excelled at it. This paved his way for a career as a designer and, after studying in Birmingham, he found employment in London with companies that variously specialised in publishing, branding, advertising and retail design. Craig started his own design business in 2015. He lives in North West London with his wife, son and Labradoodle.

Craig is an eternal optimist and always tries to see the best in people and situations. Perhaps that is why he’s perceived as a relaxed and convivial character who rarely gets anxious.  The only subjects that agitate him are pollution, human rights, animal welfare, and that he’s too old to skateboard anymore.

Craig is an ardent fan of music, art, food and travel. He recently visited Japan, which satisfied many of his passions, and he also had the luck to watch England thrash New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup semi-finals in Tokyo. To him, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road can bring a change for good in how we all live and work. It’s time for corporations to give back and do good rather than chase profits.

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