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13 reviews for The Turquoise Brick Road Book

  1. Ralph Rickenbach

    I enjoyed reading the 8 stories bringing the Gravesian value memes to life just as much as the theory. There is added value in all the methods and systems referenced at each level to demonstrate the kind of thinking that each level is capable of.

    It is great to have the levels portrayed by contemporaries instead of having a historical view. There are hints on how people from different levels can work together, with Amon helping Bo and vice versa, Florence and G doing projects together, and Florence introducing Bo to some of her circles and ventures.

    For me, the people portrayed are shown at their center of gravity. Amon had lived in other value memes, G can reach into Turquoise, and so forth.

    All in all, a great basic book that is more than a starter.

  2. David Packer

    Review for The Turquoise Brick Road Book
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Dominik

    Also it is not an easy topic Rhys managed to develop a complete model on how and why people act and behave the way they do, illustrated by examples and graphs it opened a new perspective for me .

  4. Robert Timms — Business Advisor (verified owner)

    Review for The Turquoise Brick Road Book
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  5. Nabil Said

    Reading the book added a new colorful spectrum to my life journey, wider understanding of great framework is what we really need in those challenging times. The approach that Rhys took to introduce Clare Graves’s values should be considered as the most accessible to a wide range of our society.

    Well done my friend

  6. Chris Gardener

    Review for The Turquoise Brick Road Book
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  7. Florian Truetzschler, Student at Alliance Manchester Business School (verified owner)

    With “The Turquoise Brick Road”, Rhys Photis has created a groundbreaking compass from which many future generations will benefit when they face the challenges of modern times. In an illustrative way, he made the Graves Value System understandable for everyone and made a decisive contribution to paying more attention to GVS in higher education.

  8. Sergej Lazovic (verified owner)

    Great Piece of Work and a Guide to Desirable Life Leadership !!!


    Graves Value System was very often part of our evening sessions, so when I started reading your book I expected a well crafted, modern vision of Graves being a guideline for organizational and personal development.

    Your book is by far more than this.

    It is a guideline for achieving a better society, a better international community and a healthy planet.

    Exactly what our world needs right now.

    Thank you my friend!

  9. Kevin Mosnerrat (verified owner)

    The Turquoise Brick Road is The book that the whole world should read to understand the natural evolution of everything in this universe. It helps me to understand better my own organization as well as how I personal grow. It is also the go reminder that nothing is static and helps us to appreciate that no matter how we feel today, something new is coming to us which makes my life more colorful.

  10. Teddy Hebo Larsen (verified owner)

    Rhys has completed a very valuable book about Clare Graves and Don Becks research and contributions. The Turquoise Brick Road provides a detailed review of all the key components and elements of the Gravesian/Beck values system and has translated it into common language. I like the many excellent graphics as well as the personalized stories related to the different value systems. A most inspiring and exciting book.

  11. Will Holt, Dean of Pearson Business School

    An inspiring manual for our future workforce in terms of both organisational and personal growth, this is an essential read for students of business, organisational behaviour and leadership. Based around Clare W. Graves ground-breaking model, the book provides colourful insights into why organisations and people behave the way that they do. It provides a fascinating glimpse into how society and business can evolve sustainably in the future.

  12. Christopher Cooke

    Rhys has achieved his two outcomes for this book. He communicates well the significance of the original body of knowledge that Clare W Graves illuminated; He also offers an introductory text that is truly a fun read. I suggest that whilst enjoying this book, you hold a state of awe and wonder at how Nature functions. In so doing, you will gain glimpses into the profundity of the research of Clare W Graves and the reasons for its diverse lineage.
    Christopher Cooke — Founder of 5 Deep and 3LM, Holistic Management [Regenerative Solutions]

  13. Paul van Schaik

    The Turquoise Brick Road is a very useful introduction to the work of Clare Graves’s developmental psychology and a glimpse of the integral world we are slowly entering at the start of the 21st century. Like all integral frameworks it should be held lightly and applied with compassion and love. As I like to say, “You can learn much about integral frameworks in a short time — the rest has to be lived.” See this book as a starting point to the often difficult, but rewarding journey into an integral world and praxis.

    Paul van Schaik — Founder of IntegralMENTORS, Co-Founder of Integral Without Borders

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