LIVELY BOOK LAUNCH Sunday, Jan 3rd – lets Start the New Year more meaningful.Launch logo

We are thrilled to invite you to the virtual book launch of The Turquoise Brick Road on Sunday, 3rd Jan. 2021 – Clare W. Graves’ 35th death anniversary. Expect passionate fellow travellers and a meaningful bang. As with every good launch event, signed copies will be available.


You’re in for a lively and interactive session on 3 January @ 5-6.30pm (GMT) with:

“Meet Clare W. Graves & The Theory That Explains Everything”

“Facilitating Development: Aligning with the Flow of Evolution”

“The Predictable Future of Our Economic Systems”

  • Rhys Marc Photis, author of The Turquoise Brick Road

“The Book: Origins, Objectives, Limitations & Applications”


Each expert will speak for about 5-10 minutes followed by approx. 5 min Q&A facilitated by co-creator Kerstin van Eckert.

The idea is to start off 2021 with purpose and show that there is a universal path forward, leading to futures that foster our natural potential. There is not only hope, but a step-by-step roadmap!

Please register HERE.

To work with thought leaders, businesses, think tanks, business and economics students to enable them to:

PS: As a reminder, here’s our mission

  • Integrate/align existing knowledge
  • Build on current know-how (incl. Spiral Dynamics, Integral Work)
  • Develop strategies and applications towards more sustainability and regeneration.

To broaden the use of the framework to the main media (e.g. TV programmes, Cirque du Soleil, theatre plays) and bring it to the general public to encourage them to use it when and where useful.

All this aims to help develop more self-awareness, understanding of each other, tolerance and appreciation, with a view to people collaborating and co-creating more effectively, thus moving towards a more inclusive and compassionate society.

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, you can order here. Don’t forget to include the dedication you’d like me to write in each copy.

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