Doc – a typical scientist who is an expert in what she does

Doc feels at home in a structured, process-driven environment. Doc, short for Dr. Delta Descartes, is a research scientist and team lead working on a new treatment for pain relief. Most steps and criteria of her work are documented…

easily accessible and therefore can be managed. Formal rules and guidelines govern her ways of working, people in the team are loyal to each other, work within their remit and keep it all well balanced. There is no need to rock the boat.

For Doc it is important to strive for and maintain safety, security and stability not only for herself, her family and colleagues but for everyone in this world. It is all too easy to fall back into a world which is driven by uncertainty and power which most likely leads to instability, unpredictability and chaos. Therefore, she strives for keeping the status-quo whilst improving efficiencies to reduce cost and make things, well, better.

All in all, this setup provides the perfect environment for her to focus on her truly innovative research without too many distractions.

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