As an expert, she can prove it. She supports Eli on a project who is an ambitious partner in an investment firm. He views things differently – he clearly sees various paths, but believes that one is most profitable and viable with the right insight and application of performance measures. Eli also collaborates with agile coach Florence who works for a modern, flexible organisation. Florence has learned that different people use different approaches, so it is important to come together and co-create a shared way forward. This level of fairness and inclusion is important to her.

Further down the road, we meet systems-thinker G, who lives far away in a city called Platonopolis. He knows from experience, there are various but perfectly acceptable paths one can choose, based on the situation, timing and people involved. Finally, we meet botanist, clairvoyant and healer Hortense, who is interested in relatively unfamiliar practices such as quantum coherence. She builds on G’s viewpoint by considering the energies of our planet and our universe to sense the best way forward.

We all have a preferred life path, but how do we choose the one that is right for us?

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