Understanding & Pre-empting Colourful Conflicts


Join us for an interactive and lively 90minutes zoom sessions in which an expert shares personal insight and experiences before engaging in a conversation with the participants.

This month we are exploring the topic of different worldviews and how to best handle conflict.

In today’s complex and ambiguous world, creative differences and tension are ripe. People need not manage specific areas while considering all the interdependencies and implications. Naturally, this leads to creative tension; an opportunity to bring people together, include different ideas, find new ways forward and create better outcomes. On the other hand, this tension can lead to serious conflict. The solution lies in creating a better understanding for each other.


Target audience

  • Everyone who wants to improve their communication and conflict handling
  • Everyone who is curious and wants to learn about different worldviews
  • People who want to gain more insight into the colourful applications of the Graves’s framework (aka. Spiral Dynamics, Integral)


  • Personal reference chart
  • Insights into personal worldviews and interpersonal differences
  • Personal template for future use



Petra Gregory is not only charming, turning 60 next year, but raised 3 children to becoming adults, conscious about how they wanted to show up in life. Petra also runs a coaching business in Munich named “authentica”. She specialises in business coaching for leaders, supporting them and their key players during organisational transformation processes. Her approach is holistically, her integral view and synchronisation of systemic processes enable clients to deal with their challenges in a protected and guided setting. Handling conflict is at the core of this work.

Tonight, she is on a personal quest – what will it be like to be interviewed in English? What will it feel like to communicate in a setting like this? Perhaps she has more questions than answers herself – but she will be one thing for sure – curious!


More @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/petra-gregory-2087a382/