The Future of Leadership in Business: What does the next phase require?

How to make sense of an ever-growing list
of leadership styles and management practices.

21st century leadership has evolved into a more human-centred, collaborative approach.

The global pandemic has been quite a catalyst for change. Many companies have had to organise themselves virtually, managed to work it out and are now seeing many of the benefits; lasting changes seem inevitable. Leaders and employees alike had to quickly adapt respectively to leading and being managed remotely and it has been a rollercoaster for all. Many people are questioning where we go from here. Gen-Z, for one, are desperate for changes and their influence is growing.

New buzzwords about 21st-century styles have emerged, such as systems leadership, adaptive leadership, and servant leadership. There is also a growing interest in modern management practices such as SEMCO Style, Google’s re:Work, Holacracy, Sociocracy 3.0,, Teal & Reinventing Organizations. How does all of this relate?

Join us for an interactive and colourful session where we explore what is possible, how different practices can be implemented, and the journey leaders and employees can take to help their businesses best adapt.

Target audience


  • Provide cultural context to better help implement modern management practices and new leadership styles
  • Discover organisational drivers and their relevance
  • Understand how change is about first orchestrating and then ‘jazzing it’
  • Learn why Gen-Z’s requests are worth listening to


  • Universal road-map to develop leaders and organisations
  • Overview of leadership styles, management practices and their natural cultural fit
  • List of practical examples for step-by-step development