Values: The Healthy, The Universally Good & The Ugly
Creating health at all stages of the spiral


Whilst writing the book The Turquoise Brick Road, Rhys included some of his previous work he had done around values, beliefs and behaviours. He is a big fan of bringing values to life and using them for personal and collective guidance.

Furthermore, he is getting a bit bored of the constant discussions around tier 2 and people’s “altitude sickness”. He is much more interested in creating nourishing environments through raising people’s awareness around healthy and unhealthy life conditions.

Rhys will share his thinking by using Russian nesting dolls, include some practical exercises before inviting others to share their viewpoints and ideas. He is using this session to explore with you and others on how sensible this addition to the spiral is, what terms are most useful and how we can all share this logic more. This work is in the making and you are welcome to be a part of it.

Join us for this lively, interactive and colourful session.


Target audience

  • Whoever is interested in exploring an additional dimension of the spiral
  • Anyone who is interested in ensuring healthy and continued growth



  • Bring values to life and show how useful they can be for inner and outer guidance
  • Demonstrate that which side of the level you are on is often more important than at which level you are
  • Specify words which are most useful and accessible for future work around values



Visual overview of:
* Constructive, healthy values
* Development values
* Destructive, unhealthy values 


Guest Speaker

Normally there are guest presenters when it comes to the sessions at the end of the month. However, Rhys is very passionate about values and what they can mean in different contexts. He has a very clear idea about how to make them relevant. His book The Turquoise Brick Road also references values specific to each stage and therefore he uses his characters to bring them to life in this session.



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