Introduction to Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory

This session is not hosted by us but by a colourful group called ‘Spiral Dynamics integral Live’. These interactive 2-hour online events usually happen Saturdays @ 3-5pm (UK/UTC).

The objective of this group is to provide colourful insights into a range of applications of Spiral Dynamics integral.

Some of the topics covered in the past:

  • Spiralling Islam
  • Star Trek on the Spiral
  • Hinduism on the Spiral
  • Stop relationship conflicts with Spiral Dynamics

If you are interested, please email and ask to be included in the email list. You will receive an email with a link to the Zoom meeting. Note that the group breaks into smaller groups after the initial presentation, and you will be expected to engage in conversation related to the presentation.

To join in the conversation, please sign up on FaceBook @