7-Stage Parenting: In conversation with… Jon Freeman





Welcome to the first event of our series “The Turquoise Brick Road in Conversation with…”

These sessions are usually a 20-30 minute impulse, often broken down into sequences which allows for a dialogue with the guest in question. The sessions provide practical examples on how to apply the Graves Levels, aka Spyral Dynamics, aka Integral Theory, to day-to day life and its challenges.


Our guest for the first session is Jon Freeman, author of the book “7-Stage Parenting. How to meet your child’s changing needs.”


As children grow, their needs change. How they change, and what this means for parents is not widely understood and rarely explained. Jon explains how we can use the Graves Value System and its initial stages to make sense of children’s development into adulthood.

Jon explains that we are not just one kind of parent, teacher, social worker, and that there are up to seven different roles that we are called upon to fill during the long and exciting growing-up journey of our children. You may even see your own childhood in a fresh light.


The session will focus on:

  • How the stages emerge during childhood
  • The way that each stage calls for a different kind of parenting
  • The way that parenting issues affect our psychological development
  • How to use these understandings to increase your enjoyment and success.



About our 1st guest:

Following a “chance” encounter with Dr Don Beck, Jon Freeman trained in Spiral Dynamics beginning in 2005, having at last felt that answers existed to the key questions he had as a teenager. This happened after decades of personal development work as he explored the frontiers of science and consciousness alongside a day-job in business / IT. These strands all connected in the 2010s as he became a trainer in SD, a certified SQ 21 spiritual intelligence coach and published his books “The Science of Possibility” and “Reinventing Capitalism”. “7-stage parenting: How to meet your child’s changing needs” is his third book. He now works as a consultant and mentor in organisational development, as a developmental coach and as a writer and developer of information products. Jon is a generalist in an age of specialisation who cannot easily distinguish between his “work” and his life, but his main leisure activities are music, film and reading.

For more information, please go to https://www.spiralworld.net.


 “I have, over the years, developed the highest level of respect for the insights Jon Freeman has demonstrated regarding Spiral Dynamics and its myriad of applications. In fact he has been able to go deeper and broader than anyone else …..” Dr. Don Beck


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