Nabil comes from one of the oldest living cities in the world – Damascus. From there he left the family business to try his own luck and spent 19 years in the dynamic and multi-cultural hub Dubai. He worked mainly in B2B sales throughout the middle east. He founded a projects management company, handling part of strategical infrastructure e.g. Jebel Ali sea Port in Dubai This is also where Nab and Rhys met during one of their joyful evenings in Dubai which even lead to Nab doing a few cross-cultural trainings for GPi. It helped him to understand cultural diversity even better. 

He moved to Germany early 2017 to be closer to his daughter and to have the chance seeing her growing up; oh, they grow so fast. 

Nab is very patient, enthusiastic, dedicated, communicative and a team-player, determined and like a terrier he likes to get his teeth into a challenge which needs to be solved. 

 To him, a journey along the Turquoise Brick Road means finding his new place in life, expanding his horizon and hopefully being able to make sense of it all in the end. In the meantime he is going to settle in Germany, improve the language, learn more about the culture in order to call it his second home from then on. 



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