Hortense – a prototype of what mankind can become to be.

Hortense is a botanist and has found ways to bring indigenous plants and micro-systems back to life. Many of the plants are used to revitalise energies; to stimulate body, heart, mind and spirit. She works in her natural and colourful garden…

where life is in abundance and, for her, some kind of magic is at play. She focusses on the eco-system and on reintroducing keystone species – animals and plants which have a disproportionately large effect on their natural environment relative to their abundance.

Hortense works together with many different people in many different ways. The connections are endless and can change depending on what is needed. The overall objectives are health and wholeness. People are not perfect but if there is a shared will, there is a united way forward. Technology, data and people’s gut feeling are all there to guide people towards  universal balance and harmony.

Hortense lives in Gaia. Here individuals are striving to be in complete harmony with self and the world around them. They are global collectivists who strive to manifest self for the benefit of all life. They see the entire universe as an interconnected living construct of knowledge, energy, and themselves as a lively part of it

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