Conan – the modern start-up entrepreneur

Conan is co-founder of a fintech startup. He lives in a hip area of the city and can’t get enough of the buzzing music scene and trendy restaurants.Living in the city also means there are so many different networking events going on and always new people…

to meet who could be useful. Together with his friend and co-founder he is in the process of taking his business from a micro-startup to a serious startup.

With his business he likes to constantly try out new ideas, adapt and change along the way. To some, his life might appear as chaotic, but self-motivated, risk-seeking and adventurous as he is – he loves it. He tried working in one of the established retail banks but quickly figured out this kind of environment isn’t for him. All he sees are infinite possibilities. We will also meet his brother Charlie who is similar but has more gone down the dark road. There are many reasons why they don’t really get along anymore and why Conan’s gorgeous girlfriend calls him ‘Wifim’.

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