BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network


The next UKRL event is coming up on Wednesday 4th November from 7:30pm. This time the group is featuring guest presenter Rhys Marc Photis, author of the upcoming book The Turquoise Brick Road which outlines a road map that can be used to manage and coordinate personal, organisational and social change. During our session we focus on organisational change and transformation towards more inclusive, empathetic, and humane organisations and systems. The book and framework are based on the publicly available Graves Value System (aka. Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Reinventing Organizations); an open model that considers many aspects, from biology through to psychology and sociology. During the session, Rhys will start off by sharing the bigger picture with the participants and the two possible directions the world is heading. Next, attendees focus on how a holistic, yet practical approach to leadership can enable leaders, their organisations and society to evolve towards a better future, and what each of us can contribute. Rhys will explain how this pandemic provides an opportunity for change for the better. He intends to also work in break-out sessions to make this as personal and practical as possible. Please reserve your free place via the Eventbrite link below. This is an open event so feel free to pass the invite to your network.

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When & Where

November 4, 2020 (7:30 pm) – November 4, 2020 (12:00 am)