Amon – the survivor

Amon lives with Amaroq, his loyal dog, in a cave in the Purpleshire woods. He used to be a shepherd and comes from a very dry place, far away, where people had to group together to survive. He had to flee his country and ended up taking refuge in a camp, together with 100,000 others…

Amon spent more years there than he can remember. It is a strange life trying to get by every day while having to watch your back. He eventually managed to leave the camp and found his way to Purpleshire.

Amon truly values his freedom. After years in a crowded camp, he loves being in nature again. In fact, he feels like he is part of it. He and Amaroq live such immersed lives that the feeling of separation has disappeared. He feels firmly rooted in the ground, he breathes the oxygen from the trees, swims in the lakes, catches a fish when he is lucky and feeds the remains to the bugs. It is so natural and he experiences life in the moment. Just like the river, these two go with the flow. There is no place for ego in such an engaged life. Amon feels he has become one with himself on the inside.

From time to time, Amon visits Purpleton, the nearby village, and works as a day labourer to make some money. He likes helping Bo, the local shop owner, because she is fair. She is good
with plants and Amon enjoys helping out at her new garden centre. Bo also gave him a foraging pocket guide and a forager’s calendar, both of which have helped him greatly.

Amon and Amaroq outdoor image
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